Beilstein Symposium 2023 Rudesheim, Germany I Nanocrystal Surfaces and Defects - Loredana delivers a talk on our most results on the chemistry of Sn-halide based perovskites - 2D Vs. 3D.


Aishwairya De and Julius Meijer receive their Master and Bachelor of Science diplomas in their respective graduation ceremonies. Their excitement is for sure unconcealable (especially Julius) !!  


EUROPACAT 2023 - Jennifer delivers an oral presentation on the synthesis and application of Nickel boride nanocrystals.

Way to go Jennifer!

Prof. Maksym Yarema visits Zernike Institute, Groningen and delivers an exciting talk about the phase change binary and ternary telluride-based nanocrystals.

Thank you Maksym for your visit!


IUPAC | CHAINS 2023 - Loredana talks about the dimensionality aspect in Sn-halide perovskites nanostructures  and Suhas presents an engaging poster on metal borides at nanoscale. 

We go outdoors! A lab-outing at Hommes survival and outdoor camp at Zernike.  

Our bachelor project student, Julius Meijer successfully finishes his final presentation on cation exchange processes in Sn-halide perovskite nanostructures. Well done Julius!   

It's NANAX 2023 time! Protesescu group goes to IST, Austria with their research work on nano metal borides (an oral presentation by Loredana) and Sn-halide perovskites nanostructures (a poster presentation by Kush).

Our master project student, Julia Kraft finishes her final presentation talking about her research work on ssNMR of nano-metal borides conducted at EPFL, Lausanne under the guidance of Dr. Laura Piveteau.

All the very best to her for the future endeavours!


Protesescu group presents their research work in MRS spring meeting 2023 with Loredana discussing about the chemical design of the perovskites and Jennifer talking about the metal-rich borides at nanoscale. 

We celebrated the woman's international day with Jennifer giving a very good presentation about her first PhD project, introducing metal borides as our new and exciting research line!

Her work was presented at MATSUS conference, NanoGe Spring 2023. 

Well done, Jennifer! 

After five years of collaboration with Joaquin Calbo, which started in Dinca and Walsh Labs,  we finally met in person in Valencia.

Many thanks also to the Institute of Molecular Science, University of Valencia,  for the kind invitation and a fantastic day. 

Our first project on metal boride colloidal NCs for electro catalysis is now online. We report in this article how to synthesize highly covalent NixB NCs via solid state synthesis and how to form highly stable inks.

Boron chemistry is fascinating.




We wish you Happy Holidays and a very successful New Year!(we keep the sound only for ourselves but we are very passionate carolers, trust me ;) )

This year, we started a tradition that I loved when I was a PhD student at ETH: the NanoKerst Symposium. We had a great invited speaker, Dr. Laura Piveteau (also ETH alumna), scientific presentation delivered by my team and, in the audience-the youngest members of our group:)

What a pleasure to have dr. Laura Piveteau from EPFL, CH as our guest for this event. She taught us how and why to use ssNMR for nanomaterials. I am so proud of her and fortunate to share research challenges with her!

Welcome to our new team member, Sheikh! Looking forward to working together!

Congratulation to Jennifer for receiving the best poster prize at CHAINS 2022!

Our team was present in CHAINS 2022. We cannot wait for CHAINS 2023!

Congratulation to Kush for receiving the best poster prize for PHD Symposium 2022!

Kush's first paper is now published. Congratulation!

Check it here:



Loredana was appointed for 3 years as  Early Career Board member for Nano Letters.


Yun was awarded a CSC fellowship to work in our group on heterostructure nanomaterials. Good luck!

Jennifer received the FSE PhD fellowship and she will develop metal borides catalysts in a joint project between our team and the group of Paolo Pescarmona. Welcome!

Loredana received the Nanomaterials 2020 Young Investigator Award, MDPI, Basel!

Suhas joined the team to start the metal boride project!


Kush joined Loredana as the first PhD student! 

Loredana was awarded the NWO VENI grant (250K euro). The Netherlands.